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It’s important to know where your diamonds and precious metals come from and who creates them.


Northern Diamonds specialises in Cultured Diamonds and we pride ourselves in being completely transparent.


Our Cultured Diamonds are grown in Mumbai, India, by a small business owned by a husband & wife. We also occasionally source from a laboratory in New York that specialises in Cultured Diamonds. The growing of Cultured Diamonds reduces carbon emissions and the toll on the environment that traditional mining causes.


Our precious metals, such as our recycled 14kt & 18kt White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum, are also produced in Mumbai, India. 


Our Diamond Jewellery is thoughtfully designed in Australia & handcrafted.


All of our items are hand packed with love directly from Mosman, Sydney.


All of our jewellery will be sent safely inside a sturdy, eco-friendly, FSC®-certified, corrugated cardboard, secured with a Lyocell Fibre ribbon. Our corrugated cardboard is durable and biodegradable. Our Lyocell Fibre ribbon is biodegradable and made entirely from wooden pulp (pulp is turned into fibres through a smart chemical & environmentally harmless process) making it an environmentally conscious alternative to the classic polyester ribbons.

Inside the discrete packaging are our jewellery boxes that are produced in Denmark using FSC®-certified cardboard (from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and FSC controlled wood) and water-based glue. Each box is stamped with the FSC®-logo which guarantees all materials come from an FSC® forest and supply chain. This enables better protection for wildlife and plant life. The cover cloth (inside the box) and form insert are made from natural polyester and eco-friendly polyurethane.

All boxes come packed with eco-friendly, FSC®certified, chloride-free & acid-free tissue paper - which is also biodegradable.

Mailers, Thank You Cards & Invoices

Northern Diamonds chooses to use 'HeapsGood' compostable mailers. These mailers are:

  • Plant-based - contain zero poly plastic

  • Fully biodegradable

  • Tough, durable and waterproof

  • Break down without any harmful microplastics or residues

All orders will receive an FSC® certified envelope with a personalised Thank You card, written in eco-friendly ink, as well as an invoice printed with eco-friendly ink.

Northern Diamonds continues to ensure the business remains not only ethical, but sustainable all the way from the Diamond to the packaging.


Our ethical and sustainable journey begins with our diamonds, and continues all the way down to our choice of packaging. 

We believe in providing the highest quality diamonds, at the lowest cost to our planet. For this reason, Northern Diamonds strongly encourage the use of Cultured Diamonds for their ethical and sustainable properties. Cultured Diamonds require no mining at all, which not only lowers carbon emissions, but also the human interaction and environmental toll that come from mining. 

We understand Natural Diamonds can be historically preferred, that’s why we source GIA Certified Mined Diamonds - endorsed by The Kimberley Process. 


By choosing to own a Cultured Diamond, you are encouraging and supporting a more sustainable industry that will benefit our planet.

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