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Why choose a Cultured Diamond?


Mining Free – Cultured Diamonds are a more ethical and responsible choice, given that no mining is required.


Radiance & Quality – Cultured diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond. It is a real diamond, just made in a lab.


Investment – Cultured Diamonds have similar resell value as Mined Diamond, yet are slightly more affordable than a Mined Diamond of the same size and quality.


Buying an economical diamond does not indicate lower quality, but reflects the advantages of advanced technology and reduction of waste within the industry. There is no difference in any parameter between a Cultured Diamond and Mined Diamond.

What are Cultured Diamonds?

Cultured Diamonds are grown in a controlled laboratory environment using advanced technology that replicates the conditions under which a Diamond naturally develops when formed in the mantle, beneath the Earth’s crust.  As Cultured Diamonds are made up of the same material as Natural Diamond (carbon atoms), they have the same optical and chemical properties. They are identical in composition, just formed in a different environment (Lab vs. Ground).


Cultured Diamonds are real Diamonds and are certified as such by reputable international laboratories, like GIA and IGI.


Cultured Diamonds exhibit the same fire, sparkle and radiance as a Natural Diamond, without the environmental impact.

Mined diamonds are primarily composed of Carbon; however, many diamonds contain traces of impurities, such as Nitrogen or Boron, acquired during formation. Diamonds that have little to no autonomic impurities are classified as type IIA (2a) Diamonds. These gems have zero, or exceptionally few, Nitrogen atoms within the crystal lattice structure and considered to be the purest and rarest form of Diamonds. Around 1-2% of naturally formed diamonds are type IIA. All of our Cultured Diamonds are type IIA.


Cultured Diamonds are real Diamonds just grown differently.


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Can someone tell my Diamond is Cultured?


To the naked eye, absolutely not. Cultured Diamonds have been lab-grown with the same materials of a Natural Diamond, in the same conditions as a Natural Diamond would grow. Cultured Diamonds are produced in a lab – like many other wonderful creations science has been able to provide.


A gemologist, using advanced technology that is specific to distinguishing between a Cultured and Mined Diamonds, will be able to identify the two. The diamond Laser Inscription provides these details.


All Cultured Diamonds over .50ct will come with IGI Certification, identifying them as laboratory grown; similar to the GIA report.


The production of Cultured Diamonds is a long-term and sustainable practice for the Diamond industry. Cultured Diamonds allow the production of fine Diamond Jewellery at a much lower cost to the environment, contributing to a sustainable future. Northern Diamonds supports sustainable practices and reducing the historical human labour in conflict environments whilst mining Natural Diamonds.

What makes Cultured Diamonds ethical and planet friendly?

Cultured Diamonds use modest quantities of resources and have minimal negative environmental impact. They leave behind no mining footprint, thus making them an Ethical and Sustainable choice.


Our Cultured Diamonds are guaranteed Conflict and Cruelty Free. As they are produced in a laboratory, instead of being mined from the Earth, they have no association to ‘blood diamonds’ and do not involve any human (adult/child) mining.

What’s the difference between a Cultured Diamond vs. Diamond Simulants?

Diamond simulants, such as Cubic Zirconias and Moissanites, look similar to Diamonds; however, are not true carbon crystals. In sunlight, Diamond simulants show more radiant sparkles/fire, which is not as dominant in Cultured or Natural Diamonds.


Diamond simulants do not have the same chemical or optical properties, have no certified colour and clarity grading, and do not come with a certified report. They are usually very affordable and readily available.


Diamond Simulants can be easily distinguished from Cultured Diamonds and Natural Diamonds by the naked eye.

Do Cultured Diamonds adhere to the same purity standards as Mined Diamonds?

Yes. All Cultured Diamonds are Type II A Diamonds. These are the most valued and purest form of Diamond (Mined and Cultured). According to GIA, only 1-2% of all Mined Diamonds achieve this standard of purity.


Northern Diamonds source conflict free and ethical Diamonds only. Our Mined Diamonds are GIA Certified and our Cultured Diamonds are IGI Certified. Diamonds over 0.50ct will come with a certification report. These reports are designed to help trace and identify the diamond, analyse physical measurements, spectroscopic data, and imaging of the diamond. A unique identification number is laser inscribed to each individual diamond.


Northern Diamonds highly regard and encourage Cultured Diamonds for many enticing reasons.

Cultured Diamonds are in fact, real diamonds. They have chemical and structural properties identical to that of Natural Diamonds, however, can be produced in a laboratory in a fraction of the time, by simulating the conditions naturally occurring Diamonds are formed under. Cultured Diamonds require no mining at all, which not only lowers carbon emissions but also the human interaction and environmental toll that comes from direct mining. 

Cultured Diamonds are chemically, optically and structurally identical to Earth-mined Diamonds, with a fraction of the environmental impact. Our Cultured Diamonds are also guaranteed to be conflict-free. Cultured Diamonds offer a long-term, sustainable practice for the future of the Diamond Industry.


Similar to Natural Diamonds, the value of a Cultured Diamond is determined by the carat weight and quality grading of the individual diamond; however, pricing of a Cultured Diamond is noticeably more reasonable than that of a mined Diamond.

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