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Our Sustainability Promise

Our ethical and sustainable journey begins with our diamond selection, and continues all the way down to our choice of environmentally friendly packaging. 


Cultured Diamonds

We highly regard and encourage Cultured Diamonds for their ethical and sustainable properties. Cultured Diamonds are real diamonds that are manufactured in a laboratory under the same conditions as a Natural Diamond.

Why We're Here

At Northern Diamonds, we offer timeless pieces that will be cherished forever.


With a strong focus on quality and sustainability, Northern Diamonds specialise in both Cultured Diamonds and Mined Diamonds. All diamonds are carefully handpicked to ensure our standards align with our values.


Our current selection of Diamond Jewellery has been chosen to guarantee the highest quality diamonds, whilst also ensuring our customers get the most value possible.


If you desire something even more special, we offer a custom design service. Please contact us directly for more information. Pricing will vary based on the market.

Read more about our commitment to an ethical & sustainable future below.

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